Medical Links

At College Medical Pharmacy, we believe that we can provide you with accurate and current information and relevant advice about your healthcare needs, and that your physicians and other healthcare providers are also a preferred source for individualized information.

However, in the digital age, we understand that patients often wish to do their own research. The websites listed below are credible sources of information.  Please allow us to interpret your readings and customize it for your individual and family needs.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Drug Programs
This website provides information about the publicly funded drug plan. Our staff will be pleased to explain any of the details for you, and assist you with accessing medications.

Health Canada: Drugs and Health Products
This informative website provides information about medications in Canada, particularly the requirements for their safe and effective use.

Merck Manuals Online
The Merck Manuals have reliable information about diseases, conditions and drugs. This website also provides a link to common conversions.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary
Every household should have access to a medical dictionary. Taber’s has been a trusted print source for decades and is now available online.

Websites for Specific Diseases/Conditions
Our patients have many different conditions to manage. Some of the most common include high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. We have listed several websites below that provide much information about specific conditions, as well as health information and tips on how to manage your condition, or that of your loved one.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Canadian Diabetes Association

Asthma Society of Canada

Canadian Cancer Society

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Arthritis Society of Canada


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