About us

Our pharmacy staff is diverse and committed to patient care. Meet the team:

Amir (owner and pharmacist):Amir is thrilled to be serving the patients and community of College Medical Pharmacy. A graduate from the University of Cairo, Egypt, he is truly committed to patient care and sustaining the practice’s tradition of service. Amir speaks English, Arabic, and German and is rapidly becoming fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian!

Luis (manager and full-time pharmacy technician): Quietly efficient and committed to the smooth operation of the pharmacy, Luis is an expert in drug plans and has a vast knowledge of not only pharmacy, but blood glucose machines, diabetic supplies and surgical supplies. He is often sought after by many patients for his soft manner and capable approach to patient care. Luis has worked at College Medical Pharmacy since 1981 and is affectionately known by many patients as “Signor Luis”.

Daniel Hector Sanchez (part-time pharmacy technician): As a Pharmacy  Technician at College Medical Pharmacy, Certified by The Ontario College of Pharmacists  Hector has been  serving the community for over four years.  Through his professionalism and efficiency, he provides an excellent level of service to a diverse patient population.

Hector was born in Colombia and has lived in Canada for less than a decade.  Today, with his experience, knowledge and fluency in different languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) he is a key player in the provision of health care services for the Hispanic and Portuguese community in Toronto.

Anna Maria (part-time pharmacy technician): Patientswill find Anna Maria behind the counter most days where she consistently contributes to the preparation of prescriptions very capably. Anna Maria also helps many of the Portuguese patients by translating their prescription instructions. She has a great sense of humour and knows how to put patients at ease.

Gladys (full-time pharmacy technician): Friendly and vivacious Gladys will often take in your prescription and no wonder ~ she speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. She sets the brisk pace for prescription preparation, and is also responsible for receiving all orders from suppliers and calling patients to remind them when their medications are due for refill.

Manuela (full-time pharmacy technician): Reliable Manuela prepares prescriptions with the rest of the team and speaks Portuguese. Known by many long-term patients, Manuela is known for her experience and long-standing commitment to the pharmacy.

Sally (administration): works “behind the scenes” making sure that the business runs smoothly.

Marie (part-time staff pharmacist): Marie has been a part-time pharmacist at College Medical Pharmacy since 1995. You will find her there on Friday evenings where she enjoys serving old and new patients and their families. Marie works at the University of Toronto full-time where she teaches pharmacy students, and also practices at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health.

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